House: $210 (add $25 in Fall for Field Fee)

Club Excel: $320 (add $25 in Fall for Field Fee)

Travel: $460 (add $25 in Fall for Field Fee)

Travel players will pay only the Club Excel fee upon registration ($335, as above). Then, in order to be considered for travel, you MUST bring a check for $140 to your tryout. This check represents the difference in fee between our Club Excel and our Travel program. If your child does not make the team or chooses not to play Travel, your check will be destroyed, and your child will be placed on a Club Excel team.

Other Information
The DSA fee covers all district fees, administrative costs, referees, field maintenance and the cost of the professional coaches.

Travel players are responsible for the purchase of their uniforms: Two shirts, one pair of shorts and a pair of socks. There is also the availability of a DSA soccer backpack and sweatshirt that may be purchased at the Darien Sport Shop.

Club Excel shirts and shorts are provided by the DSA. House players receive a pinnie (one set per year will be issued for Club Excel and House; if a player in the Fall season loses his/her uniform/Pinnie before the Spring season, he/she is responsible for purchasing a new one). All players must purchase a ball and shin guards.

Financial assistance is available. Please see the Refunds/Withdrawals/Scholarships page on the left hand side, under Association, for the online form.

There will be a LATE FEE of $100 for registrations accepted LATE. Note that, due to the limit on the number of players that we can fit on Darien fields, not all late registrations can be accepted.

Please see our Refund Policy under Refunds/Withdrawals/Scholarships on the left side of the website, under Association.